Help a Women, Help Society.

         Help them by Work or by donating Sewing Machine
Mrs. Chandra Solanki honoured for her social services.
Mrs. Chandra helping women in a camp
Mrs. Chandra helping women
Samples of their work

Friends if you really want to serve nation, then what would be greater then helping a women to let her stand on her own, to avail her source of earning, to help her have her children good education...

Your one time little help could be remarkable in long run in not only to run her family but also in building future of her children.

BNS surveyed in a locality Prithvipura in Paota, Jodhpur, and selected 14 ladies out of hundreds of others who are in urgent need of help. They are trained & skilled in tailoring but can't afford to buy a sewing machine.
These helpless women have no way to go to provide their children better education & to run their house. Most of these ladies work hard as labour on construction sites where they are paid much less then the male labours while most are not allowed to go on work.

If we all together contribute as per our capability, we can together donate them sewing machine to start a good living.

We request you to come forward to contribute in this noble cause.

Mrs Chandra Solanki, who joined BNS- Jodhpur recently, staying in Prithvipura is helping these ladies and also given free training to about 50 ladies through govt. camps & other 50 ladies on her personal level. Not only that, after training she also try to get work for these ladies by contacting retailers & business owners in the market, to which she directly let the merchants contact these ladies to give work & payment to them without any self-interest.

How you can help
Sewing Machine costs Rs. 3500. You can help them by contributing any amount of money you like.

With contribution from everyone we'll buy sewing machine for them. Since we don't want to make them beggars & to let them realize the value of that sewing machine we will take Rs. 1100 per sewing machine from them. Rs. 500 will be taken initially & the remaining Rs. 600 will be collected in installments as per their capability. 

You can use your sources & links to get work also for them in lot. They can do all kinds of tailoring work of all types of ladies garments like Salwar Suits, Designer Blouse, Piku work, Cloth Toys, Frocks, Tops, Skirts, Packing Bags etc.

Contact us on to grant your help or click here for your query.

As per our survey, we have selected these women who are trained in tailoring but can't afford to buy the sewing machine. The sewing machine donated by you would be given to these ladies:


Rinky d/o Mr. Om Prakash

Cleans house & wash dishes to earn, father is security guard.


Shabnam Bano

Separated & have 1 daughter


Neelam d/o Mr. Chetram

Wash utensils & cleans house to earn, father is labour.


Kala Nathawat w/o Mr. Kishore Nathawat

Have 2 children & herself working as peon in school earning Rs. 1500 only & husband is paint labour.


Nisha w/o Chetan Kumar

Have 2 children & husband is labour.


Bhawna d/o Mr. Devi Singh

She is unmarried & father is labour.


Kamla w/o Mr. Suganlal

2 children, husband is labour.


Rekha Prajapat w/o Kaluram

2 children, husband is labour.


Monika Vaishnav d/o Mr. Ashok Vaishnav

Studying & father is peon in pvt. company.


Kavita Od w/o Mr. Ganpatlal Od

3 children, husband is labour and liquor addict.


Laxmi Od d/o Mr. Munana Ram

Unmarried & father is labour.


Asha w/o Mr. Rajendra

2 children & husband is paint labour.


Jyoti w/o Premsingh

1 child, husband is labour and addicted to liquor.



Laxmi Chandra w/o Mr. Dinesh Chandra

3 children, husband is labour & she herself cleans utensils to earn.