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शीतल जल की बहती धारा हो,
कल - कल छल - छल रमती वन - उपवन,
चहक महक करती जीवन मंगल,
निर्जन जग में जीने का अहसास हो,
धन्य हो! की तुम नारी हो..

In dedication to all women Naari Shakti, is an initiative by Bharat Nirman Sena as our campaign for Women Empowerment.

We welcome ladies from all walks of life to share this platform to discuss their issues - related to their life, work, college, health, personal problems, social problems, success stories, challenges etc.. You all are welcome here to discuss with each other and find the solution to your problems and also help to encourage each other. We would also like ladies experts from various fields to come forward to give counseling & advice to those who are suffering sexual harassment, domestic violence, eve teasing, molestation and such serious ills of our society. Together we have to be united & help each other to strengthen the women section of our society, because we believe in - "Empowered Women - Prosperous Nation"

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